Woman Laying In Water With Flowers And Ink

There are always various levels of satisfaction when taking photographs. There is the immediate satisfaction of taking a good photograph. and viewing it on your camera. The satisfaction only grows after it is put on the computer and it is still a good photograph in a larger format (on a computer screen) Then there is my favorite satisfaction, when you finish working on an image, you are able to finally take a step back and just bask in the glory of finishing something beautiful.
This photograph has taken longer than any other photograph I have done in the past. It put my editing skills (and sanity) to the test. Consisting of over 40 photographs and over 100 layers in Photoshop. Blending all of the layers together over 30 hours of editing pushed me to innovate and learn how to make my vision come to life.
Without further adieu, here it is ENJOY!

I have had the pleasure of being featured in two publications recently. I have the pleasure of having some of my photographs in The after happy hour review. An art publication out of Pittsburgh PA and I have been interviewed and featured in Buffalo New Yorks The Public, Check them both out!

The Public: Spotlight on Frederick Mount

The After Happy Hour Review Featuring Frederick Mount