The majority of my work is portrait by nature, but every once in a while I see something that just demands to be photographed. I see this view from the thruway on my to and from work every day. It was noticed at the end of last summer while driving. I originally had planned to go to the park on the water with a long lens and shoot up at it. Alas the before mentioned park has been closed since I noticed the sign. I have been patiently waiting for the road to the park and the park itself to open back up but it seems that day is still quite far away. The shoulder of this particular stretch of thruway is incredibly narrow so just pulling over on the side of the road in my car was out of the question, but the space is just right for my motorcycle.



Myself and Jzino also managed to squeeze in one more photo shoot before she headed back to her home state of New Jersey for some summer fun. I look forward to her return to Buffalo and our antics of creating watery portraits.

Red-Man- in turbulant waterr-Fred-Mount_-2015

Check back soon for a new angel photograph for the series Grace: The Fallen!