For some time now I have been photographing clouds. As young children our minds were flexible, creating worlds and stories everywhere we went. Along the journey of childhood to adulthood many of us stop looking up at the clouds. The following photographs are just of clouds that I have seen the past few years.

Till this day as a 30 year old “adult,” I still find myself looking up and finding shapes in the clouds above me often creating stories in my head to attach to the clouds above me. These worlds and stories as magnificent as I find them only last for several seconds at most. Clouds are nothing more than moisture that has grouped together to become¬† these white puffy goliaths in the sky. Being so high up in the atmosphere the turbulent winds are constantly pushing and pulling the shapes. The more I watch the clouds the more that I noticed that they have a similar fluidity to water. The way that the clouds roll into each other and finally pass each other reminds me of a wave crashing onto a shore and then returning back to the open ocean from whence it came.

I have included some of the photographs in this blog post and they can also be found on my facebook page, Fred Mount Photography. I will also be uploading all of the photographs into a folder on that page. If you share this post and then comment on a cloud photo of what you see you will be in a drawing to win that cloud print! I will read all of the answers on January 7th. The best 5 answers that I can see will win an 8×10 signed print of the photograph they commented on!

Good luck everyone!

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